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You may not realise it, but emotions are the most powerful force in your life…

When you’re out of touch with your emotions, or when they're out of control, you end up feeling lost, empty, confused, and directionless. You may find yourself in unhealthy relationships, feeling stuck or unhappy in life, and down on yourself. Maybe you’re just going through the motions, day after day, with no real sense of purpose or meaning. Wanting more of something you can’t seem to find.

The first (the only!) step to transforming your life is mastering your emotions. And that's what this course is all about!

Forget about trying to think your way out of life’s problems or behaving your way to success. Unless it feels right, you’re wasting your time!

If you’re looking for real, profound, enduring life-transformation… things need to get emotional…

Get right with how you feel about things, and your life will take care of itself! ?

You ARE your emotions. Emotions make you who you are… But how? And why?

For The Price Of A Single Therapy Session,

Discover all the wisdom & skills you'll ever need!

This course ventures into a brave new world where emotion is the supreme force, the prime mover of everything in your life. The source of your deepest intelligence, and the most authentic expression of who you are.

Inside, you’ll discover how emotions hold the imprint of everything that’s ever happened to you… creating the underlying structures of all your perceptions… your experience of reality itself!

You'll learn how the role of emotion in your life goes way beyond the personal. This course opens new emotional understanding that allows you to reconnect with your deepest needs and feelings... and find meaning in your life even when everything (or everyone!) around you seems unforgiving, invalidating, or hostile.

Emotion IS the core human problem… The unconventional wisdom on this course presents emotion as the core solution.

All that you know, everything that you are, and every step you take is bound up within the vast, secret language of your emotions.

This course cracks the code and translates the language of your emotions.

Offering rare insight and wisdom into your emotional life that goes far beyond anything that you thought you knew. The course aims to stir your emotions and blow your mind… opening new ways of experiencing yourself, your life, and your relationships.

You'll unlock deep understanding, and gain new skills and perspectives about the role of emotion in your life, past and present.

Change how you feel about things… and life will take care of itself! ?

You'll come away from this course with:

Emotional Mastery (a wise and skilful relationship with your emotions)

A deeper understanding of your own emotions and how they’ve worked for you, past and present

Clarity about the purpose of emotions in your life, what they’re really trying to tell you, and just how powerful they are

Credible, relatable understanding of the more spiritual aspects of your emotions.

Awareness of what you really need (and what you really don’t!) and how to use your emotions as your best friend, guide, compass, and/or ally in life (delete as appropriate!)

Practical skills, tools, and techniques for translating and responding to your emotions in healthy, productive, life- (and relationship!) transforming ways

Enhanced self-awareness, boosted self-worth, the freedom to be yourself, and a fearless approach to your life and relationships

The course promises to transform your relationship with your emotions in 12 weeks*

(*see T's & C's)

Inside "Mastering Your Emotions", you'll find:

5 Downloadable eBooks.

2 Hours Video Content.

12 Creative & Immersive Lessons: Original content, Worksheets, Quizzes, Practical Exercises, Video... Content to suit all tastes & learning styles.

Monthly Video Q&A & Discussion 'Mastering Your Emotions' Topics

Easy to use, digital activities including journals, timelines, & other personal reflective work.

Guided Personal Reflection & Coaching to help you make the most of your experience.

Bonus Lesson with a wealth of extra resources & additional material - for whenever you feel like diving even deeper!

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Feeling ready (and brave enough!) to dive into the fascinating world of your emotions…

Enrol now and begin your adventures in mastering your emotions...

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